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Some of us had a great opportunity to speak with BFM Radio Station about our thoughts training here at the facility; and it was a pretty interesting segment overall. We speak more about strength & conditioning training as a whole and how it has helped us along the past few months in our journey through the fitness realm. We come on at 17:40 onwards, enjoy!





Following up on last year’s response – #MOVEMBERSQUATS is back! Join us in building a #StrongerMalaysia and you might win a free t-shirt from The Vanguard. Here’s how:

· Post up a video of yourself doing a front/back squat on Instagram or Facebook

· Tag @vanguardsnc and include these hashtags: #movembersquats #strongermalaysia and #vanguardsnc

· Call out your friends to join in – optional, but challenging your friends to squat is always fun!

Don’t forget to like and follow us on facebook/Instagram in order to track your posts. One (1) male and one (1) female with the most #movembersquats video posts will win – good luck everybody!


PushMore Powerlifting Meet: 19/10/2014

A big shout out and congrats to Team Vanguard for reppin at last weekend’s competition. It was a first time experience for the majority of you, but  that did not stop you all from giving your best and enjoying yourselves!

It feels great to be coaching the bunch of you, and definitely very thankful to be given the opportunity to grow stronger together with you people! As for the rest of the athletes who competed on that weekend; well done on your performances!

Here’s some shots of the event and highlights. Enjoy!
**Photo credit to Cris Solis Chen, thank you for the great pictures.

vgplThe groupie shot.

dondlDon seems to be happily on his way to making a 150kg DL PR.

leilaDLLeila picking 82.5kg like peanuts.

juliandlJulian nailing his 180kg DL PR

juinnsqtJuinn all set to go for her 85kg Squat PR. She finished it like easy dessert.

jamysqtJamy with that game face and demolishing her 60kg Squat.

feixdlFei who went berserk with his DL numbers. Picked up 212.5kg and a new PR by 7.5kg

evesqtEve here on the way here to achieving her goal and PR to squat her bodyweight (and more).

donsqt2Don focusing to set up for lift off and a good fight for his 135kg Squat PR.

juinnprzJuinn picked up 2nd place in her female’s category. Well done BBGURRL.

grpixGreat group shot of the participants and organizing team.

Good to see you amazing athletes coming together smashing PR’s and throwing down for som great fun time. There was a massive display of energy and strength on hand, and we’re looking forward to the next meet and more fun to come! Keep training hard and smart, and also injury free guys! Together, let us build a #StrongerMalaysia. See you all soon!

The X45 Challenge Part 2

Here it is people, the real deal overall look at last month’s Sabah Fitness Festival and X45 Challenge. To the X45 team and committee – again; well done on a great event being hosted and looking forward to next year and more local events for the fitness community today!



Warm It Up

Found a pretty good video on basic stretches/mobility drills for Olympic Weightlifting. Really nothing fancy at all, but definitely good stuff for getting the body ready. Also applicable for general strength training lifts!