Here’s a list of some articles written about training and miscellaneous thoughts. Compiled for your reading convenience.

Why We Should Squat
Muscle Or Fat Loss ?

How Often Should We Exercise ?
How Do I Lose Weight Fast ?
The Back Squat Grip
The Snatch Grip
Rest Periods During Strength Work Training
Improving Overhead Movements
The Sled & The Prowler
The Truth About Diet Fads
10 Effective 10 Minutes at the Office
The Dangers Of Overtraining
The Mental Game
Why Pull Ups
More Pull Ups
Let’s Talk Malaysian Food
Managing Injuries
The Yoke Carry
Why Atlas Stones?
I Did Not Bomb Out
5 Tips For Your First Sporting Competition
The Neverending Story
Lone Ranger Or Non-Stranger?
Olympic Weightlifting: Competition Preparations 101